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We concentrate on risk reduction and tax reduction by utilizing accounts that provide guarantees of principal, income or growth wherever possible. These products include fixed, equity indexed and variable annuities*.  We combine two disciplines, traditional asset management and guarantees of annuities.

Our strategies may help you reduce your risk, and increase, protect and guarantee your  retirement income for as long as you live.

Berrin Management Group, LLC is a full service, independent financial advisory firm with over 30 years of  experience.

BMG will help define your goals and objectives as well as design and implement strategies using easy to understand explanations.

Why We're Different

Our focus is helping to provide income and protect principal by utilizing unique strategies, such as the NextPhase™ Retirement Income Planning Process, not offered by typical brokerage firms or financial planners.

Due to the depth of our knowledge and experience we are able to apply proprietary cutting edge technology to your situation which may help solve your financial challenges.




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