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Robert J. Berrin

Robert earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Marketing and Finance from the New York Institute of Technology in 1981.  Since 1982 he has provided employee benefits to the non-profit community, specializing in 403(b), deferred compensation, mutual funds, asset management programs, insurance, annuity and estate plans.  Robert has provided services to over 100 school districts, hospitals and colleges in Long Island, Connecticut, New York and Florida.

Robert is a registered representative, IAR and a registered principal with FINRA registered principal.  He currently holds the following licenses:

Series 6, 22, 26, 63, 65

Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Disability Income Insurance

Variable Annuity licenses in  Florida and New York

Robert assists clients in protecting  their hard-earned assets against potential loss to  income and estate taxes. The Berrin Management Group mission statement is to strive to reduce risk and taxes by utilizing accounts that provide guarantees of principal, income or growth whenever possible.   By providing proper planning, he has helped many clients maximize the transfer of wealth to heirs, beneficiaries, and charities as efficiently as possible.  These goals are attained by carefully coordinating investment and tax strategies with the efforts of trust officers, attorneys, accountants.        

1983    started working in the 403b industry as a registered representative.  Providing mutual funds, fixed annuities, life insurance and market timing services.

1985  began training  and managing sales reps.

1993  sold practice  and moved to Tampa to start his own firm.

1995 moved to Boca Raton and joined another firm as a compliance officer and sales rep.

Unique experience in that he managed accounts for over 120 pro hockey players which represented  approximately 20 % of the NHL.  Specialized in the use of VUL's (variable universal life)for asset protection and cash accumulation with annual premiums of 10k to over 400k per year.  In addition , managed other clients whose average  net worth was 2M +.

         This firm was acquired by another firm with the intent of going public.

2000 joined another firm  in West Palm Beach Florida specializing in the 403B market in Florida to manage and grow the sales force and focus on personal production.

2006  Created  Berrin Management Group at  broker dealer Wall Street Financial Group.

2016  Wall Street Financial Group sold itself to broker dealer Securities America.

2018 Added  second office in New York City with headquarters located in Boca Raton, Florida.